Bewnans Kernow Protecting and promoting Cornish Culture, heritage and identity

Bewnans Kernow exists to protect and promote:

  • Cornish culture
  • Cornish heritage
  • Cornish identity

Bewnans Kernow’s charitable objects are:

  • To advance education, development, preservation, research and recording of all aspects of indigenous Cornish history, arts, heritage, culture.
  • To promote equality and diversity for the public benefit with particular focus on matters affecting the people of Cornwall.
Cornish Heritage in Penzance

Cornish Heritage in Penzance

Check out the latest events and the wide range of earlier Penzance, Penwith and Cornish related illustrated talks and activities at Cornish Heritage in Penzance.

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Cornish Language Classes

From Thursday May 2nd, Cornish Heritage in Penzance will hold monthly Cornish Language classes with experienced teachers providing learning for people of all abilities. The sessions will be from 7:00pm-9:00pm with refreshments included, with a cost of just £3.00 per session. There will also be the opportunity to join the online classes which will be held for the three weeks in between the classes. You are welcome to turn up on the evening, or to book your place please email: admin@bewnanskernow.org.

The Bus Drivers of Penzance 28th May
Bewnans Kernow (Cornish Heritage in Penzance) Programme to June 2024

Bewnans Kernow activities include:

  • Cornish culture and heritage projects
  • Community heritage and well-being programmes for people from traditional Cornish backgrounds
  • Cornish history and culture courses
  • Consultative events on matters around Cornish heritage and identity
  • Training and networking for Cornish cultural organisations
  • Developing Cornish culture by influencing/working with decision makers
  • Promoting the implementation of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities with regard to the Cornish people.
  • Having a representative role on a number of committees

Bewnans Kernow was formed in 2008 and registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in 2017 (charity registration no. 1170991)