Bewnans Kernow exists to protect and promote:

  • Cornish culture
  • Cornish heritage
  • Cornish identity

Bewnans Kernow’s charitable objects are:

  • To advance education, development, preservation, research and recording of all aspects of indigenous Cornish history, arts, heritage, culture.
  • To promote equality and diversity for the public benefit with particular focus on matters affecting the people of Cornwall.
Pawton Quoit

Bewnans Kernow activities include:

  • Cornish culture and heritage projects
  • Community heritage and well-being programmes for people from traditional Cornish backgrounds
  • Cornish history and culture courses
  • Consultative events on matters around Cornish heritage and identity
  • Training and networking for Cornish cultural organisations
  • Developing Cornish culture by influencing/working with decision makers
  • Promoting the implementation of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities with regard to the Cornish people.
  • Having a representative role on a number of committees

Bewnans Kernow was formed in 2008 and registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in 2017 (charity registration no. 1170991)