Cornish Heritage in Penzance - Programme of Activities

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Our latest and some of our earlier presentations at Cornish Heritage in Penzance

The latest illustrated talk  (right) with a showcase of earlier illustrated talks carried out by Cornish Heritage in Penzance at their centre at 62 Morrab Road, the former Penzance Library. These have included wide selection of local and Cornish topics.

An illustrated talk at Cornish Heritage in Penzance
Celebrating 10 years of Cornish National Minority Status
Bewnans Kernow (Cornish Heritage in Penzance) Programme to June 2024
Cornish Language Classes - Framework Convention

All are welcome to attend and most of these events are free. Please donate to help support the sharing of local Penzance and Cornish heritage in Penzance.

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Our programme advance notice is subject to additional events, activities and illustrated talks. Posters for these will be added as and when these are confirmed.

The Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities (FCNM)

The 24th of April of this year sees the tenth anniversary of the inclusion of the Cornish people within the auspices of the Council of Europe's Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities. This has been a good thing as far as it has gone, with some additional support for Cornish culture and other improvements. In order to celebrate this important event, provide information and have an informal discussion about FCNM development and general get together we are holding a High Tea at Cornish Heritage in Penzance from 4.00pm-6.00pm on Wednesday 24th April. Entry to the Cornish High Tea is by donation or a contribution of something to go on the table. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

Cornish Language Classes

From Thursday May 2nd, Cornish Heritage in Penzance will hold monthly Cornish Language classes with experienced teachers providing learning for people of all abilities. The sessions will be from 7-9pm with refreshments included, with a cost of £3.00 per session. There will also be the opportunity to join the online classes which will be held for the three weeks in between the classes. You are welcome to turn up on the evening, or to book your place please email

Celebrating 10 years of Cornish National Minority Status
Cornish Dialect Stories with Trevor Smitheram
Identifying Articles Found in Cornwall
HMS Warspite in Cornwall 1947-1956
Brenda Wootton Presentation & Film
The Penzance Playgoers - Mike Sagar-Fenton
Photographs - Waves & Storms & Light over Cornwall - Illustrated talk by Mike Newman (Penzance Photographer)
Montol Festival Talk
December 16th to 20th - Montol Workshops
Ancient Penwith 12th December 2023
Cornish Heritage in Penzance - Red River Singers
Penzance Promenade
Gold & Silver in Cornwall & Devon
Skilful Aunts and Knowing Men - Folklore and Healthcare
Jubilee Pool
Golowan Festival
The Mayor Speaks
Jack Michell Penzance firefighter and wartime hero
Churches of Cornwall
Simon Parker with Mike Sagar-Fenton
Postcard's of Old Penzance
The Cornish Celtic Way
The Tremenheeres of Tremenheere
Curriculum Kernewek
The History of the Penlee Lifeboats
The Madron Workhouse
The evolution of the Cornish Pirate rugby team
Cornish Heritage in Penzance - Opening Event


The Dr Borlase Project

Is there an aspect of Penwith history you are curious about? Join a short term project to research and share a specific piece of Penwith History, of your choosing, with a small group of people.

Cornish Heritage in Penzance has received funding from the Penwith Landscape Partnership to run a project on Dr William Borlase, rightly known as the 'The Father of Cornish Studies' (1696-1772).  As part of this we will run a short-term Penwith history project where participants identify an aspect of Penwith history to research. The group will follow a 'manifesto' derived from the way in which Dr Borlase himself worked:

The Borlase 'Manifesto'

  1. Choose a topic about Penwith's natural history or historic environment, or the Cornish language of Penwith.
  2. Produce a tightly-written notebook of observations.
  3. Correspond with someone (probably within the group) about your research, preferably by handwritten letter!
  4. Teach someone.
  5. Publish (online, or hard copy).

Contact us to find out more at:


The first exhibitions at Cornish Heritage in Penzance begin on 1 August 2023 with the theme for our first year is 'Cornish Curiosity'.  We will look at the people and institutions behind the development of our knowledge of Cornwall.

Dr William Borlase - Pioneer of Cornish Research in the eighteenth century. Dr Borlase was Rector of Ludgvan and St Just, and the author of 'The Antiquities of Cornwall' and the 'Natural History of Cornwall'.

'Tell Me What's Happening in My Duchy of Cornwall !'  This exhibition will explore The Register of Edward the Black Prince 1351-1365 - a twice weekly record of events in the Duchy of Cornwall in the fourteenth century, compiled by the Duke's officials to inform the first Duke of Cornwall.

Dr Barham's Questions - Dr Barham, a surgeon from Truro, was commissioned to write a report on the work, homelife and health of children and young people working in the Cornish mines. His investigations and questions led to the 1842 Report which includes first-hand accounts from young people.

A Building for The Curious - This building, the former Penzance Public Library building, has a long history of nurturing the curious. It began its life as the Penzance Mining and Science School. The exhibition will look at the history of this much-loved civic building and the stories of the people behind its operation.